Thursday, December 23, 2010

Item - Blade of the Solstice (winter)

Blade of the Solstice (winter): This powerful weapon is made from everlasting ice and has an intricate tracery of runes along the blade. Anyone that touches it is immediately frozen, and will melt unless taken to a skilled Iceweaver. As it approaches the winter solstice and the nights grow longer it gains power, and the runes take on a strange glow. Its also gains strength when there is a solar eclipse. If the winter solstice and a solar eclipse combine, it forms a shield and set of armor of the same material. They also have runes running over their surfaces, as well as deep within them. In addition the current owner will be bonded to the sword, gaining strength in the same cycle as the blade. The blade and wielder no longer lose power beyond the "halfway point" or when their strength returns to normal. They also gain Iceweaving abilities, and the power to transform themselves into an Ice Prince or an Animated Storm.

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