Thursday, December 23, 2010

Under the Microscope - Part 1

Alexis at The Tao of D&D posted a series of questions about a campiagn. I'm going to answer them from the point of view of a player in the play by post campaign I'm in.

1. How long has this present campaign been in existence?
It hasn't started yet.

2. How many players do you have, and how many right now were present at the beginning of the campaign?
As far as I know there will be six, not counting the DM.

3. How many of your players are family members?
None that I know of.
4. How many of your present players began playing after the halfway point in the existence of your campaign? How many in the last year (if that applies)?

5. How many long-term players (played for more than a third of the campaign) have you had that dropped out? Were any reasons given?

6. How many short term players have you had since the campaign started who did not come back? How many of them gave a reason?

7. How many of the players in your world have never played a role playing game before?
There's one that has never played a pencil and paper game before. She has played things like Dragon Age, and other RPG computer games though. Not sure about the others.

8. Estimate the appearance rate of your players. How often does your campaign run?

9. Name the three principle reasons for people not appearing in your campaign.

10. How often is it that players in your campaign do not appear without having given a reason?

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