Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Theme - Winter War

Since it's A. The holidays. And B. Frigging cold out. I figured I'd do some winter themed posts. So here's a version of Winter Wonderland:

Death bells ring, are you listening?
In the snow blood is glistening,
A terrible sight, but we're hunting tonight!
Stalking in a winter-sundered land.

Swiftly now, look up above!
Do you see the Blood Dove*?
Kill it fast, there's a night-ghast.
Stalking in a winter-sundered land.

In the city we can slay;
Kill as we please!
But not today,
For I'm starting to sneeze.

To return to the fire,
Is our desire.
Tally our kills, and cure the ills gained,
Stalking in a winter wonderland.

*The Blood Dove is taken from Telecanter.

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