Monday, November 8, 2010

Archetypes of Hulgren, Part 3 - The Things Themselves

Here's a couple of Archetypes to start with. I'll update this as I come up with more.

Remember that for each Discipline any character uses, they gain an extra Aspect showing how it has influenced them. How much this Aspect affects them ranges from mildly (one stunt spent) to being a significant personality trait (three or more stunts spent).

Disciple: Equivalent to the Mage in D&D.

Basic "builds" are: World-Reacher (Flameturner, Earthmover) and Hulgren (Empath, Summoner) They're fairly self explanatory given the way magic works in this.

Soldier: Someone trained to fight, likely by the military.

Builds: Dabbler, (Weapon)master.
The (Weapon) portion of (Weapon)master is chosen by the player. So you could have a Bowmaster, an Axemaster, a Swordmaster, or any other weapon of the appropriate technology level.
The Hulgren/World-Reacher split applies again, to some degree but only if you use a Dabbler. For example a World-Reacher Dabbler might grab a Fair Flameturning, but a Hulgren of the same Archetype might choose to have a Fair Teleportation.

Messenger: Whether magical or physical a Messenger gets the job done if at all possible.

Builds: Teleporter (Hulgren), Planegater (World-Reacher), Runner (Any), Equestrian Messenger (Any).

A Planegater shifts into another dimension, then back to change locations. This is almost instantaneous, although there can sometimes be problems with doing so, such as getting ambushed by the residents of the plane.

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