Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Say You Find An Inscription...

Or a scroll, or anything else with writing on it, but you don't know what it says. Write one line from a song, a bit of a poem, an excerpt from a book, anything like that. Then you pull whatever you can from it. For example:

The Deathborn.

Half a hundred Teraniirs were hunting on the height; illuminated there for all, by the shadows of the night.

What can they get from it? I can think of a few things that this could provide hooks for:

  1. The players now know that there's something called Deathborn.
  2. They now know that some group of people used to be able to see in the dark by some unknown method.
  3. There was a group of things hunting somewhere. Perhaps they still are?
  4. Where was this anyway? I've never heard of a Teraniir.
What are your thoughts on what they might find interesting in it?

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