Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Building The World - Part 1: An Overview

Well, so far I've been focusing mostly on Archetypes and Magic. Important as they are, they don't function without some place for to work in. As such let's take a look at the main area of the Hulgren Octumvirate.

Port Glisharn: The Ethtri family's one-eight-capital. Also the main city for trade with the World-Reachers and Undwellers.

Various Glaciers, Reefs, Infernos, Shadows, Sunkeeps, Cyclones and Undwellings. Each is ruled by a Disciple of the applicable Discipline. So a Darkturner has a Shadow, a Stormweaver has a Cyclone, an Iceweaver has a Glacier, a Seaweaver commands a Reef. Undwellings are the homes of Undwellers, who will be expanded upon at a later date.

Histrin: A World-Reacher outpost. Current location is unknown due to a failure of the Slipholding that kept it in one place.

Well now we've got a missing city that's hopping around at random, a new group of races, a whole bunch of varied locations, and a one-eight-capital. That should be enough for a while.

Coming soon: Building The World - Part 2: Port Glisharn.

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