Monday, November 8, 2010

A Sample Character

Well I'm going to make a character based on the Disciple Archetype so that it's clear what you would do as far as phases and everything.

Name: Akren Dushti.

Race: Halfbreed (Nilin-Kaserathi).

Akren Dushti w
as born in the shadows of Port Glisharn, to a Nilin and a Kaserathi. From a young age he showed a talent for Flameturning. Upon coming of age to leave the shielded caverns, he began to learn his ancestral magic of Darkturning.

Aspects: Affinity for Flameturning, Shadowborn. Bonus Aspect: Firebrand.

As he went further into his chosen course of study however, he left his friends far behind in the slums of Immigrants Path. He mastered Darkturning quickly, but the process changed him. What he witnessed gave him a strong sense of justice in addition to the more negative effects of the experience. However...

Aspects: Regrets leaving friends behind, Strong sense of justice. Bonus Aspect: Tainted by Darkness

Soon after he mastered Darkturning he had an encounter with someone named Mistkri Jrane.
She quickly used her Empathic powers to seduce him. Jrane eventually gained such control over him that she was able to force Akren to destroy a small town named Gistver's Way. He soon realized that the people he had slaughtered had done nothing worse than shun a petty thief but it was too late to undo his actions. Jrane fled upon receiving word that he had learned the truth of her orders. He has told no-one of what he did but it haunts him to this day, and he hunts for her constantly.

Aspects:Distrust of empathy, Guilt over slaughtering a village forces him to hunt Mistki Jrane.

Well that's all for now! I don't have any other players so I can't do the guest stars.

You know what I'll take a stab at it anyway. I'm stupid like that.

His search was soon interrupted by a chance meeting with Lishtri Mornal, who was engaged in a losing battle to protect Velgeen Narshir from the mad Earthmover, Gornishi Traklan. He was forced to make a difficult decision however as her companion was an Empath. In the end his strong sense of justice and the information she promised swayed him to her side. His assistance was crucial in defeating Traklan and the three parted ways amicably after she provided him with a critical clue as to the whereabout of Jrane.

Aspects: Able to work with those he distrusts if not doing so will be a gross injustice, Loves Lishtri Mornal.

While he was investigating the information he received from Mornal he entered the Reef of the powerful Seaweaver Rasid Morka, believing it to be a natural lake-shore. He escaped with the help of Kintris Salnir, and agreed to train him in the basics of Darkturning.

Aspects: Fear of drowning, Distrust of Seaweaving and Seaweavers, especially Rasid Morka.

All Aspects: Affinity for Flameturning, Shadowborn, Regrets leaving friends behind, Strong sense of justice, Distrust of empathy, Guilt over slaughtering a village forces him to hunt Mistki Jrane, Fear of drowning, Distrust of Seaweaving and Seaweavers, especially Rasid Morka. Bonus Aspects: Firebrand, Tainted by Darkness.

Skills: Superb: Lore, Stealth (Added by Shadowborn). Great: Close Combat, Learning. Good: Ranged Combat, Ride, Deceit. Fair: Athletics, Burglary, Pickpocketing, Survival, Average: Sleight of Hand, Gambling, Survival, Resolve, Alertness.

Stunts: Fair Flameturning (Added by Affinity), Great Flameturning, Fantastic Flameturning. Fair Darkturning (Added by Shadowborn, which mimics an affinity in some respects), Great Darkturning, Fantastic Darkturning. Fair Teleportation (Mimics the natural ability of Vergers), Fair Summoning.

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