Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Building The World - Part 2: Port Glisharn

Port Glisharn, has several sections - the most notable being Immigrants Path, The Port of Worlds, Morstis and Stormlamp. In this post we're going look at what their roles are. Also please remember that the entire city is underground including the port.

Immigrants Path: All who seek entry to city by non-magical means must enter here. It's the residential district for the lower classes. Customs also resides here, so at any time there can be very nearly anything in the multitude of storerooms.

The Port of Worlds: The trade district and harbor. Also the main center of contact with Undwellers. Has a large population of World-Reachers attracted by the shielding against slip provided by the warded caves.

And, Morstis: The noble's part of town. Undwellers, World-Reachers and Hulgren all coexist here under the rule of the Ehtri family.

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