Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Building The World - Part 3: Immigrants Path

Now we have an overview of the country, and more importantly one of the city, allowing you to give a rough description of the surroundings based on what part of Port Glisharn you're in, but that doesn't really help if you want to go to the Pickled Head in The Port of Worlds, does it?

So let's take a look at what we know about Immigrants Path.

  • It's the only way into the city unless you use magic, although it might, be possible to scale Stormlamp and enter the city by way of the Stormweavers Citadel.
  • It's also responsible for customs in both directions - which in Port Glisharn is a slow process; a good Lightkeeper can create all sorts of illusions, as can a skilled telepath, while a talented Empath can make you believe that you love/know them/are trustworthy and their goods don't have to be searched at all. So customs can be... Tedious. If there are enough people the control over at least one will slip given time, so it can be a long wait. As a result there can be nearly anything waiting to be passed in a storeroom if given time.
  • It's the poor district.
Not a lot to go on, but it's better than nothing. What can we infer from it?
  • The population is composed mostly of Vergers, Nilin, Keserathi and Gesradir, mostly working either in The Port of Worlds, or as cargo haulers for the Customary Service. There are a few of the poorest Undwellers, but they aren't really welcomed by the surrounding community.
  • The Customary Service will be mostly run by the high-class Undwellers, Geesten and Normani.
  • Will the magical seepage from those few Undwellings that are here (mostly inhabited by mages unlike the ones in Morstis) be enough to cause changes? No answer as of yet but it's interesting to think about the effect it would have - especially on those that have already had changes occur, such as the Gesradir who were one the Normani crews of ships that entered the Undweller Kingdoms, or those that aren't from this world at all.
Religion: Due to the lack of any temples it is difficult to be sure of what religion pervades here. It can be assumed however that the World-Reachers and Undwellers have different religions, for most part than the Hulgren that live here.

Government: The Customary Service is the direct government here; although they accept orders from the noble families they don't ask for them.

Culture: Think of real cities. You know how some of them can be really nice in most spot but there are places you just don't go? Well most of Immigrants Path is that way - basically if it isn't directly patrolled by the Customary Service it's a bad idea to go poking around in it.

Now let's take a look at some places within the district:

Jolenta's Den

Description: Gesradir whorehouse catering to anyone with the Haspli.

Theme: Whatever you want you can get - so long as what you want is a Gesradir.

Aspect: Assumed nature hides fierce loyalty.

Face: Jolenta Greffthli - Gesradir Madam Whose Bite is Far Worse than Her Bark.

The Darkhouse

Description: An upper class (for Immigrants Path) brothel. Caters to travelers and Customary Service officials. After new owners acquired the building, they have gradually transitioned to Keserathi, (hence the name) as customers are intrigued by their slight transparency.

: Watch your back in The Darkhouse. One of the people inside is a slave and has taken to killing customers.

Aspect: Exotic Pleasures Hide Murder

Face: Seenta M'Anyal - Keserithi Madam Not Above Her Own Trade

Registrar's Office

Description: All travelers to Port Glisharn must receive a pass to get beyond Immigrants Path. The Registrar's Office is the place that dispenses them.

Threat: Keep quiet if you enter Port Glisharn during the day - Mardin Kivani may be full of himself but he can still stop you from ever getting into the city.

Aspect: Good Man Held Back By A Pompous Fool.

Faces: Mardin Kivani - Normani Bureaucrat With An Inflated Ego and Litrin Vender - Friendly But Discouraged Geesten Petty Official Who Fears His Ambitions Will Never Be Met

Morni's Pit

Description: The best smithy in Immigrants Path, Morni's Pit is where most travelers go to buy repairs or equipment.

Threat: While her shop offers the acceptable services there are rumors of shadowy deals with the Hruskliir family.

A Respectable Shop Fronts Illegal Business

Face: Morni Kilmarn - Nilin Smith Who Gives A Fair Price

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