Monday, November 8, 2010

Magic Part 1 - Magic by the Numbers

Please note that rather than create my own explanation of the DFRGP system I grabbed the description used on the CoL blog, since it's a concise and clear description of it.

"When casting a spell, a wizard in DFRPG chooses how much power to summon up, chooses one of a couple simple mechanical effects (Attack, Block, Counterspell, or Maneuver - which places a temporary Aspect on the target), the element it's associated with, and rolls their Discipline to see if they successfully control the amount of power they summon.

For more complex spell,s what DFRPG calls Thaumaturgy, the wizard has to take their time, invoking Aspects, adding ingredients, taking Consequences (a type of purely negative Aspect usually suffered in combat), or actually sitting out of play while they cast the incantation. A bit more complicated for the players, but still manageable."

In any case I need to look at what works. So since I don't have a gaming group as of yet I'll try to figure out how to make things work without one but in the meantime I need to make some Archetypes.

So coming soon to A Toe's Perspective... Archetypes of Hulgren!

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