Monday, November 8, 2010

Why? And What is this?

Well I've been working on making a gameworld for a while now. I decided to create a blog for it after reading this.

Anyway on to the world itself. It's a fantasy game, as it seems easier, and less likely that I'll simply end up with a clone of something that already exists. I'm planning on using the Fate ruleset (this will be elaborated on later) with a modified Dresden Files RPG magic system since it seems to be a, simple elegant ruleset on both counts. Yes I know that this is the same basic ruleset used by City of Lives (the setting on the other blog, for those who didn't click the link) but it's a good one as I said. Besides I'm not simply stealing the magic system from CoL (this will be elaborated on in another post) It includes some of the same things but only when they're common concepts like Fire, Water Earth and Air, being used for elemental magic.

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