Sunday, November 21, 2010

So Who's This For?

Just to clarify (so no-one gets confused because they were expecting a list of people/groups that can use these rules) I mean what kind of player is it set up for. The kind I grew up with. It's designed for the kind of person that, when asked to choose a specific body part to hit on a dragon, (they were super-high level - it was an attempt to balance the game) chooses the nards (doing 250 points of damage, at which time said dragon decides it's not going to put up with this sort of thing, and vacates the land of the living for more favorable realms). And yes that actually happened. They also have a talent for anti-climax. Another true story is that my dad once planted a Wall of Iron in the air above a Naga that was supposed to have been a huge fight. So I'm trying to make sure that they can still do that... But also that the DM doesn't lose all of their control over the game.

Coming next time: Colowbags and Other Strange Items.

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