Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Combat in Hulgren - Part 1: Basic Rules

HP: Health Points, Hit Points, Damage to Death, whatever you want to call them they're a very important of combat in most systems. So how do they work in this?

All characters have some amount of HP. How many is based on Physical Strength. Some Aspects and classes can increase the amount. Now, on to how much damage you can take:

The Relation Between Physical Strength and Hitpoints: For each starting rank of Physical Strength a character gets 5 hitpoints. They gain 2 HP per level per rank of Physical Strength.

Condition Boxes: All characters get two condition boxes at the start of the game. With higher PS and increased level the character gains more of them. Anytime a character is damaged by a weapon with a wound code they mark off a condition box of the correct type.

The first two condition boxes are Light. The next three are Medium. The final five are Serious wounds. Whenever someone has marked off all of their non-serious Condition Boxes they must roll for unconsciousness against their total CB. When they have marked off all of their serious condition boxes they roll for death and go unconscious automatically.

Unconsciousness: What happens to a character when they get knocked out is dependent on what the rest of the party and the enemies do. If the rest of the party chooses to defend them their opponents can't keep attacking the one that's out. If the enemies choose to keep attacking the same person then they can kill him/her by reducing their HP to -10 (this is to give party members a chance to rescue them.).

Death: Barring insta-kill traps and the like, there are only two ways for the characters to die in this world: Using all serious condition boxes, or having their hitpoints reduced to 0. You should also take a look at this and this.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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