Monday, November 8, 2010

Races in Hulgren

Races in this portion of the world (known as the Hulgren Ocumvirate) aren't exactly the standard D&D fare of halflings, elves, orcs, goblins and dwarves. Let's take a look at some of them:


"Normals" are standard residents of the dimension in which Hulgren is located. This means they don't "slip" or have any of the other problems of "World-Reachers".

Verger: Basically human in appearance, but with scaled skin. They also have nictating membranes below their eyelids. Vergers can become ethereal for short time periods and can teleport 30 feet in any direction. For example Kida (Keyed-a) wants to get to a ledge roughly 60 feet up. He has to make at least two "jumps", of at most thirty feet. Now some of you may wonder if he can just jump to a point of the right height in the air. Short answer: No. Long answer: Well first he'll start to fall as soon as he arrives so he won't actually be in range. But he's a Verger so, in theory, he could just go ethereal, at which point gravity ceases to have any effect since it can't pull on something that's not there. But that won't work either - Vergers have to have a solid reference point, so when they're without one (such as when they're in the air) teleportation is impossible.

Now let's assume that Kida wants to get to a ledge 15 feet behind him and 20 feet to the left of him. It could be (argues the person playing Kida) that the thirty foot restriction only applies to each direction. In other words that Kida can get there in one jump because it isn't thirty feet in any one direction, and the previous distance doesn't matter when he turns. But it doesn't work that way. 30 feet per jump, calculated by total distance of said jump is the rule in this game.

Kaserathi: Slightly transparent, like living shadows, the Kaserathi blend with darkness. They have an affinity for Darkturning.

Normani: Normani tend to occupy higher social positions than the other races. They are equivalent to Humans.

Gesradir: The Gesradir are one of the more tragic consequences of the strong magic seeping into The Port of Worlds out of the Undweller Kingdoms. Similar to a Normani, but with a more dog-like snout, and a thick covering of fur. Basically they're somewhat like a dog version of the Rahk from the Coldfire books.


All World-Reachers "slip" uncontrollably at random times. The range of this "slipping" can be anywhere from several hundred miles to a few inches. This is caused by their native dimension calling them back to it. This can be prevented by wearing a Charm. They have an affinity for Flameturning.

Nilin: Grey-black to dead white in color, their skin is without pores leading them to appear as though they are covered in rubber.

Geesten: Brown skin, pointed ears, a long tail, and waist-level height mark the Geesten. They are also adept at a special variety of magic, known as Wandweaving.

Coming soon: Magic.

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