Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Magic Part 3 - On the Ramifications of Disciplines

Well I brought up an interesting, but rather problematic point recently. In my post on The Port of Worlds, I decided that the Stormweaver Citadel had intentionally weakened some sort of magical barrier (ala Master of The Five Magics) to such an extent that it can be used for shipping. No problem. It's a simple enough thing, right? The thing is, that I made the point earlier that A. Messengers are Planegating around like crazy. And B. There's the small matter of an entire CITY having been Planegated in. (Yeah, I know, I could get around that one by saying it's built of local materials. But not if I have the whole thing, instead of just the residents slipping.) So, what to do? Well I've been thinking about it some and decided that weight affects it. Small things like Nilin can get through without any problems, but things like carts are hard to Planegate So, how did a city get through? It came through in pieces at the Stormweaver Citadel, and then slipped until it found a good place to settle.

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